Burning Pleasure With Sex Toys

For most people the usual vanilla sex and other popular positions will reach a certain point of boredom after it has been performed or consumed for number of times. Humans do have this natural tendency to be pleasure seekers and besides making love with someone you love is a big deal for couples. You would always want your partner to reach that peak of happiness that sex gives. Using sex toys in love making intensifies the heat as your warm bodies unite. It helps both partners reach the climax of having sex. Find an adult toy that would spice up your sex life.

Sex Toys That You May Want to Use

The Magic Wand
After reading this, you will now realize that not all wands are for magic tricks. There are wands that optimize pleasure. This magic wand is lighter and quieter while it continuously maintaining the same powerful vibrations that make women go crazy. Additional feature is the attached heads that is for more direct clitoral penetration and stimulation and these are sold separately. There is also a plug and play feature just in case you have forgotten to charge but need an orgasm.


Womanizer is a legit when it comes to new sex toy tech. This toy creates a seal around your clit, sucks and vibrates all at the same time, that’s one hell of an experience that would drive women to their peak of Big O.

Picobong Transformer
This is just like the swiss army knife that performs different functions yet combined into one. There are two vibrators located on each end which means that this is the rabbit vibrator, the clitoral massager, the cock-ring, the G-spot stimulator, the prostate massager and so many more just switch on your creativity box and voila, superb experience!

Ben Wa Balls
They are not your ordinary hollow balls. These are inserted in the vagina which can be worn inside for extended periods of time. The rolling encourages orgasms.

Nipple Clamp
Touching the nipples whether in male or females enhances the excitement of making love. These clamps generally stimulates the nipples by applying varying degrees of pressure.

Pocket Pussies
If vibrators are for moms teach porn, there are artificial vaginas for men to use. They are modeled to accept a penis for stimulated intercourse.

Cock Rings

These are not your ordinary rings. These rings are used to prolong male erection by holding the blood inside the penis. Some cock rings also have vibrators attached which can be worn to stimulate a partner during sexual intercourse.

Sex Toys & Its Benefits
Initially for one who is very conservative he or she would be asking for further benefits that they can get from public pick ups porn. Sex toy stores are no longer in hiding it is not considered a taboo anymore. In the busy streets, the internet market, inside the malls and almost anywhere sex toys are very much within reach. People should start to change their mindset because using sex toys and being comfortable with talking about them has a lot of benefits. Try to consider some of these benefits:

• Sex toys will help you to learn more about yourself. You’ll know what you like and what turns you off.
• Exploring your sexuality and keeping yourself satisfied makes you happier and less stressed out.
• Women who masturbate have a higher self-esteem.
• Using sex toys relieves headaches and pain.
• Sex toys are safer than actual sex.
• You can get the job done whenever you feel like doing it.

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