The Art of Making Love

Anyone can make love and creating a love-making experience that will take you beyond orgasm is soul sex. In today’s generation people have become too busy with so many things, to the point of neglecting quality time with your partner. If you want your relationship to survive, you might want to consider spending some dedicated time for quality sex. Soul sex does not take place in 15 minutes but it requires planning and patience to give your countless hours of exquisite pleasure. Soul sex is the most amazing bliss that two people can have together. Here Orgasm is not the focus but rather Pleasure is. Slowly building that sexual tension to achieve the peak experience, you will enjoy the moment as it comes.

Easy Tips to Begin
Having a clean body is never bad. With a clean body after shower gives you more opportunities to explore about mothers teaching daughters.

Set The Mood

Music directly connects to a person’s soul. Having a romantic sensual music playing will start to heat things up. Make sure that as the music plays, you have turned the television off, the radio and of course your cellphones (you wouldn’t want to get a business call at the middle of having sex).

Blend With Your Partner
Blending does not mean you have to be intertwined in a naughty office porn. You just need to spend a few moment to sit in silence and feel yourself appreciating the person in front of you. Take a deep breath and release the negatives inside you while blending with your partner.

Gaze at Each Other
It all begins with a simple look. A deep meaningful look where you gaze into your partner’s soul does the job. Free yourself of all the worries you have had in the past few days, just focus at each other. Keep your body from touching at each other just focus on your partner’s eyes. You have to be able to allow your partner to see inside of you. Be transparent. Break the barrier that separates your partner with you. This will build a huge deal of intimacy between you.

Techniques You May Want to Use

Sensual Massage
Teamskeet videos are not always about doing different tricks in bed. Much of love making actually begins even before intercourse. Being a good lover simply implies that you know how to touch. Sensual massage is an effective way to connect with your partner and learn what is good for him/her. You just need to be conscious of his/her reactions. This involves your touch to the different parts of his/her body. It may even reach a point that you have to masturbate him/her. This may help you and your partner achieve the maximum pleasure.

The Art of Seduction
The best technique ever lies in the art of seducing your lover. This is not as arduous and time-consuming; in fact a simple compliment suits it. You may also write a love letter for your partner. You just have to be creative every now and then and try out something new once in a while to let your partner know that you care.

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